Walking Together and Creating Community

Walking together and finding “our people” is a task for sure. What I hear over and over is that women are looking for a sense of community. Women are looking for another woman/ women who make them feel like they are not out on a deserted island by themselves. I know I have personally been looking for this. God has worked in my life in so many ways when I most certainly didn’t deserve it. What I have learned over the years, that I hope I can impart on at least one other person. Our walk with God doesn’t depend on us EARNING anything. Grace and forgiveness are given freely. One thing is for sure, a Christian walk is not an easy one. Easy is picking up that alcoholic drink. Easy is giving in to temptations. Easy is gossip, animosity, hostility or resentment.

There is a popular Chrisitan song by Matthew West,
“There’s a sign on the door
Says, “come as you are,” but I doubt it
‘Cause if we lived like that was true
Every Sunday mornin’ pew would be crowded
But didn’t You say church should look more like a hospital?
A safe place for the sick
The sinner and the scarred, and the prodigals like me.”

Join me, join us, on this crazy ride called life. Find women who are searching. Find women who are searching for others just like you. Be a part of this movement we are creating where women are supportive of one another and not breaking down or comparing themselves. We want to create a place where you and I can be just who we are as people without the roles we bring. I might be a mom, a wife, a friend, but first and foremost I am Marla Hassfurther Boring.

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