Women? What Key Questions Must We Answer?

I thought a lot about the Women’s Ministry before agreeing to be the Director of the Women’s Ministry. We (my family and I) started coming to EUMC in the fall of 2015. I was about to turn 45 and I had a 17-month-old daughter. It was about this time that I had fallen off a ladder at home and was in the midst of testing to see why I might have fainted. Luckily my daughter was napping in her crib. I would get extremely dizzy when I stood up and found that my blood pressure dropped dramatically when I stood up and that caused the dizziness. I wouldn’t get out and walk the neighborhood because I was afraid of falling somewhere in the neighborhood. This combination of situations, coupled with where we live at the end of a dead-end cul-de-sac, made me feel very alone.

You would think that someone with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration would be intelligent enough to know that I am NOT the only mother feeling lonely after getting a daughter. We adopted our daughter, and thanks to God, we got her without any notice, but it was all a whirlwind. My mother passed away in July of 2013 and on her first birthday in Heaven, we got the call from our lawyer that there was a girl baby born that we could possibly adopt. We “checked off” every box that causes major stress: new baby, new home and moving, loss of my mother, loss of my father-in-law, and now health issues all happening in a short 16 months.

I had heard about these groups called MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) and was told that it would be a good resource for me as a new mom. We had already decided that EUMC was going to be our new church home, and they didn’t have a MOPS group. I met with the leadership of the church about the possibility of starting a new group. It wasn’t in God’s timing. One thing I have learned is that a “no” from God at the moment could simply be a “not right now”. Fast forward to 2022 and a whole new staff (that includes me) and a new pastor. Even the congregation was not the same as when we first came to Emmanuel. During a staff meeting, our Pastor said that he would be looking for someone to lead the overall Women’s Ministry and wanted to see it go in a whole new direction. It was almost like the Holy Spirit had control of my mouth because I am pretty sure I said, “I will” almost immediately.

It was then during a prayer of what should I do next, that I pondered the following questions:

How can we encourage women who are just looking for confirmation that they are not out on a deserted island by themselves?

Why do women join groups?

What barriers might keep women from getting involved?

Why would women want to join our group?

What needs are women experiencing in their life that we could possibly satisfy with our ministry?

How can we encourage women in spiritual growth, discipleship, ministry, and evangelism in a new way?

These answers are slowly coming to me and a couple of other women who are helping me get this off the ground. Know that we are always just an email away if you have suggestions. Hope to see you at our Next Grains of Sand event. You can always find out what is going on in the life of the church through our calendar on our website.

Contact us through this website or through email (women@emmanuelumc.org).

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