God is in the In-Between

“God, I don’t need a burning bush, but a flicker might be nice.”
As a broken human being, I question God a lot more than I ever should. No matter where you are in your faith walk, God gives us flickers every day. As believers, we have to make a choice to look for them. That can be challenging in our busy lives.

I used to be jealous of the Bible stories where God did amazing wonders through visual miracles. Water turned into wine, a burning bush that isn’t consumed, water around a cloth that is dry, rod turned into a snake and back to a rod, you get the point. I am learning over time and as my faith grows that God uses US to tell His story now.

God shows me over and over that, He walks with me and always has, even in those moments where I have felt alone. I may have moments where I think I’m writing my own life story, but God guides my hand (like a good parent) to help me write my letters correctly. You may have done this for a child in your life, supporting their hand while they held a pencil or crayon and helped them to learn to write the letters the “correct” way. God does this for us. He guides us toward what is best for us, even when we try to do things on our own.

For me, my “burning bush” was having a child. I thought I was supposed to have my child the traditional way, by getting pregnant. What I learned through my journey was that I was NEVER supposed to become a mom that way. I have a genetic blood disorder called Factor V Leiden (FVL). FVL results from a mutation of the gene that makes one of the proteins of our coagulation system, called factor 5. It is a predisposition to have life-threatening blood clots that can reach the lungs or cause a pulmonary embolism. Complicated pregnancy is also risk factor. Carrying a child would have been very dangerous for me.

This was a dark time in my life, where it was hard to see the hand of a loving God in the things that were happening. My mother (who also had FVL) died unexpectedly of a brain aneurysm. I experienced a lot of health problems and heartache trying to conceive. Where was my flicker? I didn’t need God to turn water into wine for me, but I wanted to know where he was in all this darkness.

God showed me AGAIN that he was with me all along. On my mother’s first birthday in Heaven, we received a call from the adoption attorney. He stated that there was a baby born that day, and the people the birthmother has originally chosen had decided this was “not their child.” My living breathing beautiful daughter was born on my mother’s birthday, in the city where my father was born.

People who don’t believe in God would say “what a coincidence!”

As a Christ follower, I say “Look what amazing things God can do!”

He is in the big stuff, the small stuff, and in the in-between. The in-between is when we are waiting for the next thing. The in-between is where God is working in our lives and making the things happen that need to happen for His next great miracle. When you think that God is not listening, are you being still and listening to Him? The miracles recorded in the Bible might have been visually amazing, but YOUR story is just as amazing. What God has done in YOUR life is the stories he wants US to tell.

Think about your in-between and share where God has shown up in your life. You are the Bible of generations to come. Think about that impact for a moment. God gave us a living document in the Bible that has new and vital lessons to learn every day. God also gave us you, who He works through daily to show others where He is today.

If you lived your life like a Bible, for generations to come to learn how to walk with God, what is your in-between?

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